The HotSite Difference...

HotSite Networks' live resident assistance takes care of all problems and questions. No additional work for your staff...ever.

Our flexible service plans give property owners and management companies the ability to structure services that their residents need based on the market and competition.

HotSite Networks offers some of the most aggressive revenue sharing plans available.

HotSite Networks carries the contract for the bandwidth. No need to carry a contract from a communications carrier.

HotSite Network Service Plans

Bulk Internet Access Service Plans
HotSite Networks provides bulk high-speed services to apartment communities. These bulk services can feed an existing network or a network installed by HotSite Networks. HotSite Networks can provide any amount of bandwidth necessary to meet the needs of any community.

Flexible Subscription Service Plans
HotSite Networks offers the most affordable high-speed Internet access services available. Basic services provide many casual users the speed and responsiveness they need to browse email, surf the net and shop online.

Premium services are also provided to those residents that have more intensive Internet access needs for online gaming, streaming video, and high-responsive Internet applications. These premium services are also offered at market-leading prices.

Low Cost Amenity Service Plans
Many communities are now offering high-speed Internet services as an amenity to promote increased occupancy and resident retention. HotSite Networks provides the most affordable service available to enable this amenity to be offered for very little cost.

Integrated Service Plans
HotSite Networks is an experienced and reliable partner that offers the flexibility to mix service plans that best meets the needs of your community and market. Basic services can be offered as an amenity to meet the basic needs of every resident and to make your property more attractive and marketable. Premium services can also be made available for a reasonable upgrade fee for those residents having more intensive Internet access requirements.

Profit Center Revenue Sharing Options
HotSite Networks knows the importance of helping our partners drive revenue and increase a property's value. Many HotSite partners brings in thousands of additional dollars annually. Whatever your needs, HotSite Netowrks can structure a partnership that improves the bottom line.

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